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August 7, 2018 00:58:17

Topic: Me

So, I finally made a new site. I built it myself using the Perl programming language and the Catalyst web framework. It uses HTML, CSS and Javascript. I'm no front-end expert so I used a few Javascript libraries to help make things snappier.

All come highly recommended:

I had a site running on Wordpress for a few years. I downloaded a theme, did some initial configuration, and mostly forgot about it. I didn't get much enjoyment from tweaking a system, no matter how elegant, that someone else created when I'm perfectly capable of developing my own. Fast-forward a few years, and here we are. Funny how that works.

Anyway, this is a photography site, not a tech blog (also coming soon!), so thanks for bearing with me. I'll use this platform to share my thoughts on photography, and some insights into my process. There'll probably be a fair bit of aimless rambling mixed in, but I'll try to keep it to a dull roar. Thanks again for your patience.


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