About Me


Roy Hubbard has taken his fascination with the world around him, and learned to communicate it through his photography. He has a deep love of the natural world, and spends his life in pursuit of discovery.

Born and raised in New York City, he grew up eagerly anticipating his family's regular vacations to places off the beaten path. A frequent destination was the nearby Pocono Mountains region. It was a different kind of place. Everywhere, there were trees and lakes and streams. The air was fresh and there was always something new to discover. Today, he makes The Poconos his home, and holds on fiercely to his love of adventure.

Using a variety of different camera systems, he roams the land in search of images to share with the world. He processes his film at home, and makes wet prints using traditional darkroom techniques. He prints his digital photos using archival-quality materials intended to deliver the finest possible image. All photos are matted, mounted and framed using the highest quality materials with longevity in mind.